The group was founded in 1996 to practise and perform dances in a traditional style. The repertoire consists of clog and other forms of step dance, danced as solos and in a group , and various sword dances of the linked sword type.

The clog dances are varied in style and owe much to the clog step traditions of Lancashire, Northumbria, Wales and even North America. Lilting tunes and lively stepping typify this style of dancing and bring evocative memories old North Country mill towns and the industrial revolution.

The sword dances are of two main types; Longsword dances which, although once widespread throughout Britain and Europe in ancient times, are typical of the traditions more recently found in the Yorkshire and Cleveland areas; and the Rapper sword dance which originates from a small area around Newcastle and in the northeast of England. The two types of sword dance are distinguished by the different types of sword and in the pace of the dancing. Longsword is performed with long, rigid swords and at a somewhat leisurely pace while Rapper uses short, flexible swords at a brisk pace with bursts of stepping at intervals throughout the dance. Both types of sword dance incorporate the formation of a sword lock or star, both during and at the conclusion of the complex figures.

Shortly after the team's first public performances in 1997 we were asked to represent Wigan at the International Folk Festival held annually in Wigan's twin town Angers, in the Loire valley. Since then we have performed at events and festivals in England and Wales as well as at small, local events.