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Clog Makers

Walkley Clogs is the UK's major clog manufacturer and claims to be the only place in the world where The Great British Clog is manufactured in its entirety!
Jeremy Atkinson specialises in making traditional nineteenth-century styles in his workshop in Kington and is the only clog maker still cutting all his clog soles by hand.

Clog Dancers

Aldbrickham Clog evolved from the Reading Traditional & Step Dance Group, a group which played an important part in preserving and performing many dances which might otherwise have been lost.
A team based in Nottingham
Bristol based team that peform a variety of clog and step dances.

Sword Manufacturers

Frank Lee, an engineer/designer from Newcastle-on-Tyne has been making rappers and longswords, as well as dancing with the Carlisle and Hexham teams for 27 years.


A traditional longsword team whose history can be traced back to at least 1750
Based in Harrogate, N. Yorkshire, they have been performing for over 25 years.
A team from Yorkshire
Based in Huddersfield, they perform their own traditional dance.


From County Durham, they were formed in 1977 and are named after the local colliery
The High Spen traditional sword dancers were formed in 1926 by Fred Forster and are led by his grandson, Ricky.
The scourge of festivals and festival bars! (Their description, not ours!)
The internet guide to the Rapper Sword Dance
Based in the East Midlands, they have their own distinctive style of dancing Rapper.
A, young team from Boston, USA

General Links

For over 100 years, the Society has acted to preserve and promote the traditional song and dance of England.